Hans von Spakovsky, only recognizable to a small percentage of Americans, has over the past two decades had a tremendous impact on our right to vote.

Currently, von Spakovsky is serving on the Federal Elections Commission. He was appointed by Bush as a recess appointment in late 2005 over the objections of Congressional officials and voting rights groups alike.

Why would a man whose career is dedicated to the area of voting rights be challenged so vigorously for a position on this country's highest Election Board? This series attempts to answer that question.

Part I: Hans von Spakovsky: Right choice for FEC Commissioner? Looks into his early career and connections to the Georgia Republican Party and local voter suppression initiatives.

Part II: Hans in the Sock Puppet... Analyzes von Spakovsky's tenure at the Department of Justice's Voting Rights Section as well as his involvement with high profile cases such as the mid-CENSUS Texas redistricting, legally tenuous Voter ID laws, as well as numerous lawsuits that served to disenfranchise and suppress minority voters.

Part III: Permanent Recess Appointment... Tracks his short but controversial term as FEC Commissioner.

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About the Author: Adam Lambert is a tax consultant living and working in the New York City area. Blogging under the name "clammyc", he has researched and written extensively on issues involving Iraq, the Bush administration and the "war on terror," the US attorney purge and election fraud issues.

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