30 October 2007

A very different take on "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

Robert Gillis


Charlie Brown's world is a little odd, and that got me thinking (never a good thing on a slow news day) what if Charlie Brown and his world was real? How would a newspaper report the events of that fateful Halloween? more...

24 October 2007

Re-Visiting and Extending the "Political Profiling of Elected Democratic Officials"

Donald C. Shields, Ph.D.


When federal law enforcement and non-federal law enforcement data are compared, the analysis shows Bush Administration U.S. Attorneys were highly politicized in their nationwide investigations and indictments. more...

02 October 2007

Project Unsafe Neighborhoods: DOJ Gun Policy Spawns Rash of Gangland Mortgage Fraud Cases

The Fat Lady Sings


It appears that, like other not-so-aptly named Bush projects (Clear Skies, Healthy Forests, the PATRIOT Act, Operation Iraqi Freedom); Project Safe Neighborhoods performs in a manner diametrically opposed to its moniker. It destroys communities.more...

30 August 2007

Nothing New: A Small Enterprise Development Project in West Africa

Aaron Barlow & Bronwyn Hughes


For a long time many people saw the developing world as an empty pit, pouring in skills, goods, and money to fill it. More and more, this pit appears bottomless, basic human conditions within it only worsening. Project benefits are not lasting. Little seems sustainable. more...

23 August 2007

I Cannot be Impartial

Maire Quilter


History is being created and lived as we speak.  We are history, and it is unfolding all around us.  But it isn't history yet:  it is the now.  History is 'safe,' because the outcome is already ascertained. more...

20 August 2007

I know what it means, to Miss New Orleans

Friðgeir Helgason


Friðgeir Helgason lived and worked as a chef in New Orleansbefore moving to Los Angeles where he currently studies photography.  Helgason returns to the 'greatest city on earth,' his New Orleans, every 6 months to visit family and friends. more...

27 July 2007

Civilization's African Toll: From The Cradle of Civilization to a Grave of Indifference



A simple request. "Please just tell the world that we are dying." No accusations, no calls for warfare. Just a simple request -- more of a reminder, really -- that we should be aware of the passing of an indigenous people from the face of the earth. That's all. more...

25 July 2007

"The Real News" Junkies Get a Fix

Alan F.


Withdrawal symptoms are brutal, especially when they last for decades. And we've been enduring withdrawal from journalism on the evening news for a long, long time. more...

12 July 2007

The Medium is the Process; The Process is the Message

Aaron Barlow


What's changing as the page changes paper and finality to screen and plasticity? Concentrating on Citizen Journalism and education, Aaron Barlow explores how both writing and publication are growing into their new possibilities, making process __ and not product __ their goal. more...

13 May 2007

Mother's Day

Vivian Pettyjohn


A tribute to mothers. Vivian shares personal memories and insights in her essay about her own mother. more...

23 April 2007

Has the term "public service" lost meaning for our private corporations?

Keith Barratt (Welshman)


Residents of the British Isles have a particular reverence for public service and the role s and responsibilities of the Public Servant. Keith Barratt brings such a perspective and more...

16 April 2007

Project Safe Neighborhood and the Politicization of the DoJ

The Fat Lady Sings


Were US Attorneys purged also in part because they resisted Bush Administration pressure to federalize law enforcement? The Fat Lady Sings takes a look at this and more...

27 February 2007

Inconvenient Truth: Why Plame had to Go

Occam's Hatchet


Valerie Plame Wilson was working on counter-proliferation of nuclear arms in Iraq and Iran until she was outed by someone in the White House. When her cover was blown, so was the entire "brass-plate" cover operation she worked for - Brewster-Jennings. more...

16 February 2007

The Political Profiling of Elected Democratic Officials: When Rhetorical Vision Participation Runs Amok

Donald C. Shields and John F. Cragan


Data indicate that the offices of the U.S. Atttorneys across the nation investigate seven (7) times as many Democratic officials as they investigate as Republican officials, a number that exceeds even the racial profiling of African Americans in traffic stops. more...

27 November 2006

Danse Macabre: The Return of Ja(a)far [Donald Rumsfeld]



GreyHawk analyzes Don Rumsfeld's tenures as Secretary of Defense through the lens of contemporary art. more...

27 November 2006

He Who Laughs Last, Votes Best: Comedy and the Midterm Elections

Steve Gimbel


Forget "Soccer moms," "NASCAR dads," and "value voters," the operative bloc in the midterms were the "comedic constituents." The power of the laugh should not be misunderestimated. more...

01 November 2006

How did Richard Pombo become House Resources Chair?

Land of Enchantment


Do you remember Julia Butterfly Hill? Much to my surprise, my research into how Richard Pombo (R, CA-11) got his plum appointment to the Chairmanship of House Resources has crossed paths with her story. more...

15 July 2006

Protecting the Flag

Robert Gillis


Robert Gillis considers the real threat of desecration to the American Flag, given the single vote loss of the Senate's proposed constitutional amendment. more...


04 January 2006

Charged with Possession of a Conscience

Vivian Pettyjohn


Two young humanitarian volunteers are facing federal prison terms. They were arrested while taking to the hospital three migrants found vomiting and bleeding in the Arizona desert. more...



18 October 2005

In an Arms Race with Ourselves

Jeff Huber

Military spending is the economic elephant in the middle of America's living room. In 2006, we will commit roughly $500 billion to our armed services, an amount equal to the defense budgets of the rest of the world combined. more...



13 October 2005

Harriet Miers: Hacking Her Way to the Supreme Court?

Philip Curtis

 Last year, then-Deputy Chief of Staff Harriet Miers hosted four sessions of "Ask the White House." Miers' responses suggested some characteristics that one might not necessarily associate with a prospective Supreme Court justice. more...
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